Our cancellation policy applies to all reservations made unless stated otherwise.

  • See conditions on your reservation sheet
  • Standard rate: free cancellation/change 7 days before arrival
  • No-shows or changes after 7 days before arrival will result in a charge for the total stay
  • Non-refundable reservations can no longer be canceled or changed
  • The following taxes are charged for the reservation: € 4.00 tourist tax (p.p.p.n) & € 4.00 administration costs (p.p. per stay).
  • The hotel does not have air conditioning
  • There is no hairdryer in the room, you can obtain one at the reception (supply)
  • There are no hotel toiletries in the room, these can be obtained at the reception (Rituals package, supplement)
  • the hotel is currently under renovation (walls, floors, detail work): therefore the photos may differ from the design of the room.